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Pissed of with my bank

November 27th, 2006 at 06:01 am

I am having the day off, because I worked almost two extra days at my govjob. Of course I had lots of plans for the day, but up till now I haven't realised many of them.
But I did try to work on my finances. For several months now I have been trying to buy green bonds (they have low profit margins but a high tax benefit). I hadn't heard from my bankman some time and was prepared to take my money elsewhere. But before doing that I decided to call him first. He informed me that he had indeed signed me up for the latest release of the bonds, but couldn't tell me if I had gotten any and probably won't know untill way into december. So now I am stuck. I want to have this money moved out of my account before december 31. because of the taxes, but might not hear untill 20 december or so If and for what amount I have bonds. That will leave me very little time to make other arrangements. Needless to say I was pretty annoyed with him and less than friendly. Usually not my style but I am beginning to feel pretty helpless in the claws of the big money making machinerie. I have been trying to get these bonds since july. Never new it could be so hard to get a bank to invest your money.

I did balance our joint account and things are looking good. We saved €150 automatically this month. This means that we are totally caught up on our checking account since last months auto repairs and are working on our savings account again (which has been more than halved since july).

Here I go again...

November 10th, 2006 at 12:00 pm

Wow, here I go again...
Me opening up a blog, who would have thought. I have tried journaling many times in the past but never could discpline myself enough to keep doing it. I really feel I could use it though. So maybe this potential 'anonymous' crowd out there in cyberland will help me keep myself on the right track.

First a few personal details. I live together with my Dear Boyfriend and allthough we have different 'moneystyles' we have worked out a system that works very well for us. I am mainly in charge of both OUR and MY finances. DB takes care of HIS money. I am definitely the frugal one of us. I have some short and long term financial goals that I'll explain about later. Except for a hefty mortgage we have no debt and between the two of us we have a very solid EF going. So no money problems for us, just goals.
I hope it is ok, to tackle a debt of a different kind here as well. Right now this 'debt' is the one I am really struggeling with and allthough it has nothing to do with money somehow in my mind it feels the same. I definitely feel a lot of shame for it and it is my big secret. I created this debt because of a lack of discipline, careless spending (of time) and it can get me in serious trouble. Working my way out of it will require discipline (my big weakness), consistency, determination and babysteps. So I guess that really isn't so different from getting out of financial debt.
So If you all won't mind (and even if you do I am going to do it anyway, hè this is my blog!) I am going to give you updates on both my financial goals and of settling this personal debt.

I guess now I have to see whether anyone is interested in knowing what that debt is and if I have enough courage to confess.