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Forgot to report Big Frugal YeaH!

December 11th, 2006 at 02:14 am

How could I forget. We got our electricity and gas bill in last week. We are on a fixed plan and get the real bill once a year. We are due back 270,- in december! That will mean that decembers gas and electricity will be free and we will get an additional 120 from them. That's 270 into joint savings to help bring up our total back to where it used to be. Big yeah!
I guess all my frugal strategies (hanging all my laundry, using most of my appliances during reduced hours and keeping the thermostat really low and use many sweaters, blankets and candles to stay warm) really worked.
Strangely enough they reduced my payment for next year with only 2 each month because they predicted a higher usage next year. Well I'll surprise them, my challenge is to get back at least the seem amount next year (and since we are going on holiday during the most expensive months this year january and february, that will happen!)