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Progress report

December 11th, 2006 at 01:57 am

I've made good progress these last few days. I have been to Ireland for my uni job. That resulted in four no spend days, since all my expenses will be reimbursed. And I did so much overtime that I can add 3 days to my personal debt reduction challenge, bringing my total to 10 days.
About Ireland, it was mostly windy, wet and cold and I didn't get to see any of it. But I got to stay in a very good hotel with gym and pool. I went to the gym twice and did 30 laps in the pool. So I did keep up with my planned exercise. So far I have been very good with that, but sadly enough my weightscale does not show it yet. My goal of losing 4 kilos before my january holiday seems still very far away.

I started with making my price book. As it turned out I am already doing very good and there is not much to gain by shopping at other stores. I routinely go to Lidl (a kind of Aldis) and comparing prices showed that on most products they are the cheapest and when not the difference was only cents. So if I continue to shop there I will be getting the best deal. The only savings on groceries that I can make is cutting back on the amount of groceries I buy. But even than the projected savings will be small, because I allready don't buy many luxury items and look for sales religiously. Cutting back too far will make me (and most of all DB) feel to deprived and that has a possible countereffect anyway (making up for it by going out to often for example). But I will challenge myself to cutting back my grocery budget with 10% next year (over the year average) w'll see if that is doable.

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