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Just 6 more weeks until 2007

November 16th, 2006 at 04:29 am

I just realised that there are only 6 more weeks in 2006 to get things done.

For some weeks now I have this running list in my head (to which I keep adding of course) of things I want to get done before january 1. 2007. So I am going to put them here and report on my progress.

1. Get some 'gift worthy'items listed on ebay (I am still a virgin when it comes to ebay) well before the end of november (6 december is the gift giving holiday of Sinterklaas) and in time for christmas.

2. Make a price book for the food items I use most. I am going on holiday for 6 weeks the beginning of 2007 (visiting my sister in New Zealand. Happy Dance!!). I want to have both my freezers and my fridge totally empty before then so that I can turn them off completely. And I will need to replenish when we return. So 3 would be:

3. Eat my way through everything that is in my freezers and fridge. I have allready made an inventory of everything that is in there. Most things are easy enough to use up, but some others will require more creativity. LOL

4. Lose 2 kilo's. Preferably more, but have to be realistic.

5. Go to the gym 3 times a week. I have this expensive membership but am not very consistent in using it. NOT frugal at all, I know. (bows her head in silent shame)

6. Check out all the work that needs to ben done on our car before january 21 (when it is due for its yearly inspection) and start calling around for the cheapest places to have the work done.

7. Get DB to sit down with me and decide whether to change our car insurance, get a different arrangement for tel./internet/cable etc. Of course I will have to do all the work getting the information and making the decision in the end, but I do want DB opinion. Usually I just get 'everything is fine by me honey!' which serves me right because I am way to opinionated anyway to do anything differently. Guess it isn't a coincidence that I have all the financial responsibility in this relationship. LOL

8. At the end of the year. For our joined account. Tally up everything we spent, on what, in which month etc. for the entire year (I have kept records every month in Excell so this shouldn't be too difficult). To evaluate our finances of this year (first year that I was very conscious about our spending) and plan our finances better next year and set a goal of how much we will save in 2007.

Well there must be more but if I get all of this done I can be pleased with myself.

Now back to typing out interviews (finished one this morning already, so that is a work-yeah for me.

2 Responses to “Just 6 more weeks until 2007”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    way to go on the goal-setting, not to mention the "work-yeah"! Big Grin keep it up

  2. frugaldutchgirl Says:

    Thanks Tina, now I have to get my butt of this site and get back to the typing of interviews (but it is so boring, she says in a whiny voice......)

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