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Guilty pleasures

November 15th, 2006 at 05:01 am

You sure are a nice bunch of people. And it is comforting to know that there are other people out there who can relate to my discipline problems.

Since I am at my uni-job right now, and I'm blogging, you can all guess that I am not working on my research. But I just finished an interview this morning and I am working up the courage to start typing it out. Not a very nice task to do (and I have 4 more to go).

Miclason thank you for your suggestion. I think that could work for me. To end my day making a list with all the small things I accomplished. I can see how that would work as a motivator to make sure that I have something to add to that list. Making my list of 'frugal Yeah's' works the same way.

Lau, you're right. If and when I get the wind behind me I am a very efficient and fast worker. I guess that's why nobody knows about all of my non-working-time, because I always catch up in no time and work faster than most of my collegaues. But I usuallly still feel guilty about not doing more, or doing things better.
Ok. enough of this, back to my frugal lifestyle goals.

Tuesday I only spent 30 to send a package to my sister in New Zealand. And I paid for my sewing lessons in November (but that is a bill and I don't count it in my no spend days).On that note, I finally! finished all the prep work for my skirt and actually started sewing (the nicest part of the whole project), so it is starting to look like a skirt.

Today I did bring my lunch and snacks to work (as I do everyday) but decided to have lunch with my collegeaus and ended up buying some extra soup and yoghurt. I have to work on bringing the extras too and than staying out of the cafeteria (and stil have a social lunch with my collegeaus). Room for improvement here.
My credit card got a good workout today, because I did a lot of online booking for a trip next month for me and a collegeau. But all of that will be reimbursed, so I do not consider it spending. Usually it ends up to be a kind of saving actually. The reimbursement comes often so late, that I have already absorbed the spending in my checking account. When it finally comes in it feels as extra money, and I often transfer it to my savings account. So I guess I don't mind paying up front for work expenses (if they are not to big).
Tonight a simple homemade soup is on the menu and then of to salsa lesson. So no more spending planned for the rest of the day.

Other than that: all is quiet on the frugal front.

Untill next time: CU

2 Responses to “Guilty pleasures”

  1. janH Says:

    Expense reimbursements in our family is sorta the same. We get reimbursed into a different bank account that has only our car payment coming from it. So any money put in goes toward that payment. When I need to put the money for the bill (it's an automatic payment--less interest charged) into the account, there is already some in there and I don't have to put as much. I know I've already used that money for some business bills, but it is so nice not to have to come up with one large sum for the car payment!

  2. PRICEPLUS Says:

    It is never about doing more it should be about doing the best you can. You sound very dedicated and so I think you are doing gang busters. I hear you about the expenses. I too usually absorb expenses and look on the reimbursements as a treat!Smile

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